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Affordable Retirement Community Articles

When considering a retirement community, there are many factors to consider. Things like location and amenities are paramount, but for many seniors, it all comes down to cost. If you're looking to learn more about affordable retirement communities and see your options for living comfortably in your golden years without unnecessary financial stressors, the articles here can help. Read about some of the most tax-friendly states to retire in, see what locations offer a low cost of living, and explore affordable retirement communities in various regions. 

Affordable Retirement Communities in Virginia

Often listed as one of the best states to retire in, Virginia checks a lot of boxes for retirees. Thanks to its affordability, quality of life, access to healthcare, and more, Virginia has a lot to offer. In this article, we’ll look at a few of the more affordable retirement communities in Virginia.

Best 55+ Communities in Central Florida

Central Florida is a wonderland for 55+ communities. Here is a breakdown of several of the best 55+ communities in central Florida.  

Top Communities in the ‘Best and Most Affordable Places to Retire'

In this article, we’ll spotlight five of the places that made’s list and offer information on the surrounding lifestyle communities featured on PCR’s site.

The Increasing Popularity of Cottage Style Homes

In this article, we’ll tell you a little bit about cottage-style homes and even help get your search started with an overview of a few cottage home communities.

Looking For Mountain Homes Under $350,000? Check Out These Communities.

In this article, we’ll spotlight several communities—from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Appalachians and Smokies, all the way northeast to New England—that offer both an abundance of recreational amenities and stunning low-cost mountain homes.

Looking to Retire Near the Beach in a Home Under $450,000? Check Out These Communities!

If you’re among the many who are wondering where you can retire in an affordable home and have quick and convenient beach access, we’ve got just the list of communities to start your search! Here are a few of the top retirement communities with homes under $450,000 that are within close proximity to the beach. 

A Look Inside Margaritaville Retirement Communities

If you’re looking for a change of scenery as you prepare to spend your golden years, perhaps a retirement change in latitudes and attitudes is also in order. Take a look inside these Margaritaville retirement communities inspired by the laid-back Jimmy Buffet lifestyle.

Most Affordable Golf Communities in Arizona

If you’re nearing retirement and have your sights set on Arizona as your final destination, we have some great options with homes that won’t break the bank. Here is a list of the most affordable golf communities in Arizona.   

Most Affordable Golf Communities in Georgia

If you are looking to retire or settle down in a place that boasts some of the finest courses in the nation, here are a few great options spotlighting the most affordable golf communities in Georgia.    

Florida 55 Plus Communities with Homes Under $250,000

Did you know that real estate in The Sunshine State can also be pretty affordable in many of its top 55 plus communities? Here are the top Florida 55+ communities with homes under $250,000.  

Most Affordable Golf Communities in Southwest Florida

A locale so desirable has got to be out of your price range, right? Not at all, and here we explore some of the most affordable golf communities in Southwest Florida.   

Most Affordable Golf Communities in South Carolina

You won’t find many “best of” golf retirement destination lists that don’t include South Carolina. But did you know many of the golf communities in The Palmetto State are also pretty inexpensive?  

Affordable 55 and Over Communities on Florida’s East Coast

If you’re thinking about retiring in Florida, here’s a list of the best affordable 55 and over communities on Florida’s east coast.   

North Carolina Gated Communities with Homes Under $250,000

Here are five of the most affordable gated communities in North Carolina.   

Most Affordable 55+ Communities in Florida

If retiring in Florida is on your radar, you have plenty of options that won’t break the bank. Read on to see for yourself and learn more about the most affordable 55+ communities in Florida.    

Lakefront Communities with Homes Under $350,000

Explore seven shimmering affordable lakefront home communities, all featuring houses you can buy for $350,000 or less.    

Most Affordable Golf Communities in North Carolina

A look at several of the best, and most affordable, golf communities in North Carolina.  

Most Affordable Golf Communities in Florida

We did the research so you don’t have to—and compiled a list covering several distinct regions throughout this retirement haven. Here are five of the most affordable golf communities in Florida.   

The Most Affordable States to Retire In

When it comes to the most affordable places to retire, consider this list that factors in low cost of living, tax-friendliness, healthcare costs, affordable homes, and more.