Smart Home Upgrades for Seniors

by Robert Borges on October 24, 2022

With careful thought and planning, there are various smart technology home improvements that can be made to provide an added level of security and comfort for aging seniors. Let's look at some of the smart home upgrades that can be made to benefit seniors aging in place.

Budget-Friendly Tech That Keeps Seniors Connected

by Robert Borges on September 14, 2020

Fortunately, there are a ton of senior-friendly ways to stay connected through technology. And although gadgets can add up, you can find plenty of low-cost options that do the trick. Here are some of the ways you and your loved ones can stay in touch.  

Smart Home Features to Make Retirement Life Easier

by Robert Borges on April 15, 2019

As baby boomers grow older and reach senior status, more and more of them are choosing to “age in place.” If you are planning on aging in place, it may soon be time to consider smart home technology to ease the transition into your older years.    

How to Use Pinterest to Find Your Retirement Community

by Robert Borges on January 25, 2019

Did you know Pinterest is a great tool for researching retirement communities? Learn how to save communities from the PCR website right to your Pinterest account so you can look and compare later.