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Community Amenity Articles

Golf. Pickleball. Tennis. Equestrian. Beaches, lakes, fitness facilities, and so much more. These are all of the community amenities that make master-planned lifestyle communities so appealing to homebuyers. These articles break down some of the most desirable amenities in communities throughout the country and share information and details on amenity-rich communities for you to explore. 

Five Amenity-Rich Communities in South Carolina without Golf

PCR features dozens of community showcases in South Carolina, with and without golf courses. Here, we’ll zero in on five unique non-golf South Carolina communities—from the coast to the Midlands to the mountainous Upcountry.

Fitness, Swimming, and Trails: Top 10 Retirement Communities with This Active Adult Trifecta

According to the latest PCR survey of active adult homebuyers searching for lifestyle communities, fitness, swimming, and trails are the must-have amenities for an overwhelming majority of retirees. Here, we’ll spotlight the top 10 retirement communities from across the country and tell you a little about their next-level active lifestyle amenities.

Four Private Community Amenities that will Keep You Looking and Feeling Young

Want to live forever? We can’t help with that, but these four private community amenities will help.

5 Community Amenities that Increase Your Home Value

There are a few key things to look for when it comes to community amenities that increase your home value. Here are the top 5.