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As you research, explore, and consider moving to a Georgia community, here’s an overview of what you can expect when living in The Peach State.

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Famous for its rolling hills, golden isles, and delicious peaches, Georgia offers a thriving and desirable lifestyle within its master-planned communities. Picture stepping outside your doorstep and into a world brimming with amenities—sparkling pools, community centers, and walking trails—all nestled amidst stunning natural landscapes.

Georgia's master-planned communities cater to a diverse range of residents. Whether you seek a dynamic city life near Atlanta's business hub or a tranquil retreat along the coast, these communities offer something for everyone. Breathtaking mountain views in the north and the relaxing ocean breezes in the south, Georgia communities can be found in highly sought-after locations.

The Peach State boasts year-round recreational activities, from world-class golfing on over 450 courses to fishing in pristine lakes and exploring countless miles of pristine beaches. Master-planned communities often incorporate these activities into their design, providing residents with easy access to their passions.

So, if you're searching for a place to call home that seamlessly blends natural beauty, modern amenities, and a strong sense of community, look no further than Georgia's master-planned communities. For families, active adults, and retirees, they offer the perfect balance between convenience and connection to the state's natural wonders.

Georgia Climate & Geography

Georgia's unique geography and climate create a beautiful and varied landscape, offering residents and visitors a range of experiences depending on the location.

Regions & Landscape

Mountains: The Appalachian Mountains dominate the northern part of Georgia, with the Blue Ridge Mountains boasting the state's highest peak, Brasstown Bald (4,784 ft). This region offers amazing scenery, cascading waterfalls, and lush forests.

Piedmont Plateau: Moving south, the landscape transitions to the rolling hills and foothills of the Piedmont Plateau. This region is known for its fertile farmland, historic towns, and bustling cities like Atlanta.

Coastal Plain: The southernmost portion of Georgia is the Coastal Plain, characterized by flat, low-lying lands and sandy beaches. Barrier islands and salt marshes line the Atlantic coast, offering a unique coastal ecosystem.


Humid Subtropical: Georgia falls under the humid subtropical climate zone, meaning hot, humid summers and mild winters with occasional snowfall.

North vs. South: Temperatures vary slightly across the state. Northern mountainous regions tend to be cooler year-round, while the coastal areas experience a more moderate climate.

Abundant Rainfall: Georgia receives consistent precipitation throughout the year, averaging around 48 inches (1,220 mm) annually. This rainfall helps sustain the state's lush vegetation and supports agriculture.

Four Distinct Seasons: Despite the subtropical classification, Georgia experiences all four seasons. Springs are mild with blooming flowers, summers are hot and humid, autumns offer vibrant foliage, and winters are generally mild with occasional frost or light snow in the north.

Georgia Entertainment & Recreation

Georgia offers a plethora of recreational activities and entertainment options for all ages and interests. From the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Atlantic coast, Georgia's diverse landscape provides a backdrop for endless exploration and enjoyment.

Mountains: Hike or bike through the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, encountering cascading waterfalls, dense forests, and panoramic vistas. Popular destinations include Amicalola Falls State Park and Chattahoochee National Forest.

Coast: Soak up the sun on Georgia's barrier islands, like Jekyll Island and Tybee Island, offering pristine beaches, kayaking adventures, and dolphin watching tours.

Lake Life: Cast a line in one of Georgia's many shimmering lakes, like Lake Lanier or Lake Allatoona, known for their excellent fishing, boating, and water sports opportunities.

Historic Savannah: Immerse yourself in the charm of Savannah, a historic city renowned for its antebellum architecture, cobblestone streets, and horse-drawn carriage tours.

Thriving Atlanta: Explore Atlanta's vibrant cultural scene, with world-class museums like the High Museum of Art, renowned aquariums like the Georgia Aquarium, and a thriving theater district offering Broadway shows and local productions.

Civil War Sites: Delve into Georgia's rich history by visiting Civil War battlefields like Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park and Andersonville National Historic Site.

Professional Sports: Cheer on Atlanta's professional sports teams, including the Atlanta Falcons (NFL), Atlanta Braves (MLB), and Atlanta Hawks (NBA).

Family Fun: Visit the renowned Atlanta Zoo, explore SEA LIFE Atlanta Aquarium, or spend a day at amusement parks like Dollywood or Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta.

Georgia Cost of Living

  • Overall: The cost of living in Georgia is estimated to be 10% lower than the national average.
  • Housing: 23% lower than the national average.
  • Taxes:
    • Income tax: Progressive system with rates ranging from 1% to 5.75%
    • Property tax: .81% (statewide average)
    • Sales tax: 4% statewide (average total of 7.4% when combined with local sales taxes)
    • No tax on Social Security benefits

Georgia Healthcare

Georgia has a higher insurance coverage rate than the national average, and urban areas like Atlanta are home to well-regarded institutions like Emory University Hospital (ranked nationally in several specialties) and the Atlanta Medical Center (a leading trauma center).

While rising costs can be a burden, the state is working on improvement through initiatives managed by the Georgia Department of Community Health, including expanding Medicaid programs and potentially improving access to care in rural regions. Residents can also utilize the federal marketplace, Healthcare.gov, to find and enroll in affordable health insurance plans.

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