Want to Live More Eco-Friendly? Here Are 5 Sustainable, Green Communities to Consider

by Robert Borges on December 14, 2021

If eco-friendliness is on your checklist as you look for the perfect place to settle down in, here are a few environmentally considerate communities to help get your search started.

Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Upgrades to Try

by Robert Borges on March 3, 2020

No matter your age or stage in life, it is not too late to start living green. If you are not sure where to start, try these eco-friendly lifestyle upgrades.  

What Makes a Sustainable, Green Community?

by John Meyers on November 22, 2010

We hear these words spoken more frequently as people shift towards wanting to live more sustainably on the planet and help take better care of Mother Nature. How can one tell the difference between a truly green community offering a sustainable way of life, and slick marketing that is mostly “greenwashing”?