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As you research, explore, and consider moving to a Texas community, here’s an overview of what you can expect when living in The Lone Star State.

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Texas offers a booming real estate landscape with a variety of housing options, including master-planned communities—self-contained neighborhoods with parks, pools, schools, and shopping centers all within reach.

But Texas caters to all lifestyles. Golf enthusiasts can find their dream course-side home, while active families enjoy dedicated tennis communities. Horse lovers have equestrian havens, and retirees can discover age-restricted living with tailored amenities.

Texas' diverse housing options, beautiful landscapes, and family-friendly atmosphere make it the perfect place to find your new home.

Texas Climate & Geography

The massive state of Texas boasts a surprising variety of climates and geographic features.

Regions & Landscapes

Eastern Lowlands: Lush forests, teeming with pine and hardwood trees, dominate the eastern and southeastern regions. This area is dotted with rivers and bayous, creating a vibrant wetland ecosystem.

Central Prairies: Rolling grasslands, once home to vast herds of bison, stretch across central Texas. This region is known as the "Hill Country" with some low-lying mountains and limestone outcroppings.

Great Plains: The western half of Texas transitions into the Great Plains, characterized by flat, semi-arid grasslands with occasional mesas and canyons.

Trans-Pecos: Mountain ranges rise dramatically in West Texas, creating a stark contrast to the surrounding plains. The Guadalupe Mountains boast the highest point in Texas, while the Big Bend region offers a unique desert landscape with canyons and Chihuahuan Desert vegetation.

Gulf Coast: A sandy coastline stretches along the Gulf of Mexico, offering beautiful beaches, barrier islands, and vibrant marine life.


Temperature: Summers are hot across the entire state, with highs reaching into the 90s or even 100s Fahrenheit (30s-40s Celsius) for much of the summer. Winters vary considerably. North Texas experiences colder temperatures with occasional snow, while South Texas enjoys mostly mild winters.

Precipitation: Rainfall patterns differ significantly. East Texas is the wettest region with abundant rain throughout the year, fueled by Gulf Coast moisture. Central Texas receives a moderate amount of rain, with more concentrated spring and fall seasons. West Texas is the driest region, with arid desert conditions and minimal rainfall.

Seasons: Spring and fall offer pleasant transitions in most areas. Spring brings a welcome break from the summer heat with a chance of showers. Fall offers comfortable temperatures and vibrant foliage, especially in the eastern forests.

Severe Weather: Texas is prone to severe weather events, particularly in the spring and fall. These can include thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail, and flash floods.  Hurricanes and tropical storms can also threaten the Gulf Coast.

Texas Entertainment & Recreation

Texas offers a diverse range of recreation and entertainment options, catering to all interests and ages.

Outdoor Activities: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of Big Bend National Park, with its dramatic canyons and Chihuahuan Desert beauty. Hike through the lush forests of East Texas or explore the otherworldly formations of Natural Bridge Caverns near San Antonio.

Historical Sites: Delve into the rich history of Texas at The Alamo in San Antonio, a former Spanish mission turned iconic battleground. Explore the historic Strand in Galveston, or visit the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site, commemorating the fight for Texan independence.

Big City Attractions: Enjoy the culture of Dallas or Houston, with world-class museums like the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas or the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Catch a live performance, explore renowned art galleries, indulge in a delicious culinary scene, or take in a sporting event with the many popular college and pro sports teams throughout the state

Family Fun: Take a trip to Galveston Island for its historic amusement pier, sandy beaches, and family-friendly attractions. Explore the Dallas World Aquarium or the San Antonio Zoo for a dose of wildlife wonder. Head to Schlitterbahn Waterparks for a refreshing splash, or enjoy outdoor adventures at Garner State Park or Padre Island National Seashore.

Nightlife: Texas offers a vibrant nightlife scene for all tastes. Austin, the "Live Music Capital of the World," boasts live music venues on nearly every corner. San Antonio offers a lively bar scene along the Riverwalk, while Dallas and Houston offer trendy nightclubs and rooftop bars.

Texas Cost of Living

  • Overall: The cost of living in Texas is 7% lower than the national average.
  • Housing: 17% lower than the national average.
  • Taxes: 
    • Income tax: No state income tax
    • Property tax: 1.6% (average effective rate)
    • Sales tax: 6.25% (up to an additional 2% with local taxes)
    • No tax on Social Security benefits

Texas Healthcare

Texas presents a complex picture when it comes to healthcare. While the state boasts some top-tier medical facilities and advancements, access to affordable healthcare remains a challenge for a significant portion of the population.

Studies consistently rank Texas lower than average in terms of overall healthcare access, quality, and affordability. Factors like high uninsured rates and limited access to specialists in rural areas contribute to these rankings. However, there are ongoing efforts to improve healthcare access and affordability in Texas. These include expanding Medicaid access and encouraging development of rural healthcare facilities.

Despite the overall challenges, Texas is home to several world-renowned medical centers, including:

MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston: A world leader in cancer treatment and research.

Texas Medical Center in Houston: The largest medical center in the world, it houses numerous top-ranked specialty hospitals.

Baylor College of Medicine in Houston: Renowned for its medical education and research programs.

UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas: A leader in medical research and education, particularly in areas like cardiology and neuroscience.

Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Temple: A highly respected teaching hospital with a strong reputation in various specialties.

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