Active Adult California Communities without Golf Courses

by Robert Borges on February 8, 2022

For residents of California, an idyllic golf course is rarely more than a 5-iron away, but there are some excellent California communities without golf. In this brief article, we’ll take a look at different parts of the state to explore five non-golf communities in California that feature next-level amenities for active adults. 

Popular 55+ Virginia Communities without Golf

by Robert Borges on February 8, 2022

There are many great master-planned communities in Virginia without golf. Here, we’ll take a look at five that feature world-class amenities, affordable real estate, and surrounding areas with year-round recreational opportunities.

Five Amenity-Rich Communities in South Carolina without Golf

by Robert Borges on January 31, 2022

PCR features dozens of community showcases in South Carolina, with and without golf courses. Here, we’ll zero in on five unique non-golf South Carolina communities—from the coast to the Midlands to the mountainous Upcountry.

Looking for Arizona 55+ Communities without Golf? Check These Out

by Robert Borges on December 30, 2021

Arizona communities without golf courses offer all the spoils of comfortable retirement while still providing a bevy of year-round recreational options to stay active and healthy. Here's a spotlight on one of Arizona's premier communities without golf.

Check Out These North Carolina Communities without Golf Courses

by Robert Borges on November 11, 2021

For those who like to play golf but prefer not live in a golf community, we compiled a list of communities in North Carolina that don’t have a golf course—but rest assured they do have an array of awesome active adult amenities.

Top 5 Georgia Active Adult Communities without Golf

by Robert Borges on August 10, 2021

The Georgia communities without golf featured here are all designed with active adults in mind, and while many still have golf nearby, residents of these non-golf communities can enjoy a peaceful and fulfilling living environment sans the greens, fairways, and golf crowds.

Top Florida Communities without Golf

by Robert Borges on August 10, 2021

From beaches to boating to tennis, pickleball, and more, what these communities lack in golf they make up for with so many other resort-style amenities. The best part? It’s Florida, so there’s always golf nearby for those who still want to play occasionally. Here’s a list with details on some of the best Florida communities without golf.