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Retirement Planning Articles

Retirement is something we all eagerly anticipate, but for most, it's not as simple as flipping a switch and riding off into the sunset. Retirement planning takes a lot careful preparation and there are so many factors to consider. Even before you begin searching for your perfect retirement community, these retirement planning articles are meant to help set you up for success as you plan for a comfortable and fulfilling retirement. 

5 Tax Friendly Affordable States to Retire In

There’s a lot to consider when choosing which state to retire in. These five states offer outstanding tax benefits to retirees, as well as great locations, attractions, and desirable lifestyles. Check out these affordable states to retire in.

How to Choose the Best Retirement Community

Choosing the right retirement community can seem like a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be! Learn which factors to consider when researching retirement communities.

Top 5 Myths About Retirement Communities

Take a look at five of the most common myths about living in a retirement community.


Tips for Moving to Another State

According to our recent research, almost 70% of PCR users looking for retirement communities say they plan to relocate to another state. So, we thought we’d share some valuable tips to help make your transition to a new state as smooth as possible.

Midlife Crisis: An Opportunity for Positive Change

People often dread or discuss midlife crises in hushed tones. But what if you could reframe your midlife crisis as an opportunity for positive change? What if it was a platform to step back, reflect, and decide how you want to move forward? Here are some of the ways you can use this season to bring more positivity and improvement into your life!

Downsizing for Seniors: Tips for Moving Into a Smaller Home

Have you been thinking about selling your home and moving into a smaller space? Downsizing is a common move for seniors who don’t want to spend their retirements cleaning and maintaining a larger home, as well as a great way to save money! It can be challenging, though, that's why we've put together some downsizing tips for seniors. 

Five Tax Friendly States and Private Communities for Retirees

Considering retirement? There are several states that offer tax benefits for all residents, in general, and retirees specifically. Here’s a look at five tax friendly states and private communities that will leave ample disposable income for living the good life.

The Retiree's Guide to Purchasing a Homestead Property

Even if you love your family home, you may be ready to purchase property with a larger house when you retire to have more space for visitors. Learn how to purchase a homestead property.  

Should Snowbirds Rent or Buy?

While it all comes down to personal preference, lifestyle desires, and of course finances, there are some considerations in finding a place to spend your winter months, most notably, should snowbirds rent or buy?  

How to Decide Where to Retire

Here, we’ll answer the top 5 questions to ask when deciding where to retire.   

Surviving the Pandemic: 5 Ways Home Equity Can Help You Thrive

Here are five reasons to consider home equity as part of your retirement plan.  

Debunking Reverse Mortgage Myths

Reverse mortgages have been around for nearly 60 years, and they have significantly improved with borrower protections, yet some people still see them as a loan of last resort. To clear the confusion, this article addresses the five most common misconceptions surrounding reverse mortgages.  

Did You Know You Can Buy a Home with a Reverse Mortgage?

Reverse mortgages have become one of the primary drivers of 55+ communities over the last 3 to 5 years.  

5 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Country Club

To really determine which club is the best fit, here are some fundamental questions you should ask before joining a country club.   

Getting Your Parents to Declutter – Finding the Magic

Making a transition into senior living will likely be an emotional experience for most parents. Here are three tips to help you through the process.  

8 Steps for a Perfect Pre-Retirement Assessment

Retirees need to put extra thought into budget planning in order to stay within a fixed income. Here's a guide to a perfect pre-retirement assessment to help you stay on track.   

Should You Buy or Rent in Retirement?

As leaf raking gives way to snow shoveling, then right into spring cleanup and months of lawn mowing, more and more baby boomers are starting to ask themselves, “Does it make sense to rent in retirement?”    

No Tricks, All Treats with These Retirement Discovery Packages

What really is the best way to decide on a retirement community when you’ve narrowed down your options? By treating yourself to all-inclusive discovery packages! 

Is Fractional Ownership Right for You?

If you’d love nothing more than to buy a vacation home for the family but are worried it may forever be financially out of reach, let’s take a deep breath and consider a viable alternative: fractional ownership. 


'Checkbook IRAs' Let You Invest Retirement Funds in Real Estate

Lil Miller-Fox's individual retirement account has three bedrooms, two baths and a two-car garage.

Invest IRA Funds in Real Estate – Buy Retirement House Now

Lil Miller-Fox had heard about a less cumbersome way to invest her retirement savings into a house or other rental property. But the co-founder of a popular web site that helps people identify future retirement property never knew of anyone who actually did so.


A few years away from retirement but still not quite ready to pull the trigger and buy a place in paradise? Maybe you're eager to buy but not interested in moving just yet? Then you might want to take advantage of a little-known opportunity to buy now and occupy later. It's not common knowledge, but builders in many amenity-laden destination properties are willing to sell their model homes and lease them back from their buyers for anywhere from a few months to ...

Second Homes in Private Communities Sometimes Hidden Gems

There's a whole other world of master-planned communities that often go unnoticed by even the most savvy second home seeker. Buyers from all over America can miss these opportunities because they often do not appear on public multiple listing service (MLS) databases sorted by zip code, price point and other search terms designed to appeal to a wider variety of shoppers.

Vacation Home Taxes

Uncle Sam offers taxpayers plenty of ways to reduce the cost of owning a beach front house at the shore or a cabin in the woods. Here is a basic primer on the tax aspects of vacation home ownership. While it is intended solely for information purposes, it will give you a good idea of what's deductible and what's not. For more detailed information, be sure to consult professional tax counsel.

Making (Some) Sense of Club Memberships

In the world of fractional real estate ownership, nothing could be more, err, fractured. There are so many forms of ownership that it's extremely difficult for potential purchasers to get their arms around what they are actually buying - not to mention the advantages and disadvantages each one has to offer.