Smart Home Features to Make Retirement Life Easier

by Robert Borges on April 15, 2019

As baby boomers grow older and reach senior status, more and more of them are choosing to “age in place.” That is, remaining in their home and maintaining their independence, wherever that may be. In fact, a recent survey from tells us that 85% of homeowners 55 and older plan on staying put for a while. 

If you agree and are planning on aging in place, it may soon be time to consider smart home technology to ease the transition into your older years. Even those who prefer to relocate to a more active adult retirement community can benefit greatly from today’s smart home tech for seniors. 

George Jetson, eat your heart out as we take a look at some of the advantages to creating your very own smart home.

Smart Home Comfort 

Whether you’re making it easier and more convenient for yourself, or looking for assistance from offsite family members, things like smart home thermostats and lighting can be controlled by anyone with access to the tech. Set it and forget it, pre-program, or change the temp and lighting with an app on your device without ever leaving your couch. Smart ovens, smart refrigerators, smart reminders, and for older retirees who age in place, robotic vacuums and mops can be particularly helpful. 

Smart Home Entertainment

Most new TVs you’ll buy these days come stock with built-in smart functionality. And the TVs are just the tip of the iceberg. Complete entertainment networks allow you to wire and connect all your devices and entertainment systems complete with voice control using things like Amazon Alexa and Firesticks, Google Home, and more. 

Smart Home Safety 

Safety is a big concern for aging people who live alone. Whether feeling secure from the dangers of the outside world or keeping the house itself safe, smart home security devices conveniently allow you to keep an eye on everything. From security cameras and alarm systems to all-seeing doorbells, smart locks, and smoke alarms—you can rest easy in your technologically-protected fortress. 

Smart Home Medical Care

Among all smart home tech for seniors, perhaps none are more practical than smart medical care devices. The MedMinder Pill Dispenser helps seniors stay on top of their medication bringing them and their loved ones peace of mind. Smart fall alert devices as well as wearables like EKG, glucose, and blood pressure monitors pair seamlessly with your smartphone and track health patterns while providing detailed reports via email.