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7051 E. 5th Ave 2nd Floor | Scottsdale, AZ  85254

Contact: Brandi Stein | p. (602) 369-6219 | Email Us | Visit Website

Designed for homebuilders, built by homebuilders, HomeCloudPro is a next generation customer relationship and marketing solution backed by the power of Salesforce. We are scaled for growing home builders, their customers and their future. HomeCloudPro does the legwork so you don’t have to. We want you to focus on what’s most important: leveraging your customer’s potential and growing your business with the sales and marketing tools you need. We deliver platform development, tech deployment, integration and most importantly industry expertise that will maximize your business value beyond the status quo.

HomeCloudPro makes your sales and marketing teams more nimble and more capable with improved services and the reduction of costs attached to legacy solutions.



1919 Evans Road | Cary, NC  27513

Contact: Grady Nichols | p. (919) 678-9940 ext. 1 | Fax: (919) 678-9940 | Email Us | Visit Website

BrightDoor is an all-in-one marketing and sales system that helps residential developers, homebuilders and brokerage teams sell more real estate (faster). With BrightDoor, you control the homebuyer experience, managing every step of the sales process through integrated CRM and marketing, interactive touch kiosks, mobile devices and more.

At the heart of the system is BrightDoor Central, a unified customer relationship management (CRM) and content management system (CMS) with features including lead, inventory and marketing management. Leads are generated from email marketing, landing pages, mobile apps, interactive site maps and other integrated tools.

Combining innovative software with best-in-breed customer service since 2005, BrightDoor has been trusted by leading developers, builders and brokers internationally.


TopBuilder Solutions, LLC

6266 Chevy Chase Drive | Houston, TX  77057

Contact: Dave Knowles | p. (855) 806-6648 | Fax: (713) 977-7116 | Email Us | Visit Website

Where there are leads, there should always be a lead management system. Helping hundreds of builders, developers and others in residential construction since 2008, squeeze every drop from every lead, every time, nonstop, TopBuilder Solutions was created to be the Trifecta CRM; effective, affordable and easy to use. It includes features and components no other system on the market has including 9 automated and customizable, pre-written and pre-loaded follow-up (drip) campaigns, branded email marketing, and a branded pre-written home builder newsletter with an entire expanding library of articles.

Designed to sell more homes faster, TopBuilder Solutions offers extreme return on investment for builders and developers to totally out-position their competition. It only makes sense to have these tools in one, easy-to-use, affordable sales CRM web-based system. TopBuilder Solutions automatically integrates with other systems for scheduling, budgeting, bidding, construction management and warranty. No contracts or set up fees.


SmartTouch Interactive

4833 Spicewood Springs Rd. | Ste. 102 | Austin, TX  78759

Contact: Robert Cowes | p. 512-659-6863 | Email Us | Visit Website

SmartTouch® NexGen is a lead-nurturing, CRM/Marketing Automation platform designed by real estate marketers (SmartTouch® Interactive) for real estate marketers. It combines a robust sales CRM with innovative marketing automation so you can sell more with less effort. leads aggregate into NexGen to help gain lead visibility as well as leverage lead scoring and automated lead nurturing. NexGen’s central database puts everything in one place and allows for time-saving marketing automation and in-depth sales tracking that can track where a lead is in the buying process; help your sales team focus on the right leads at the right time, with the right message; and help you better understand your marketing ROI.


Lasso CRM

13353 Commerce Parkway, Suite 2233 | Richmond, BC,  V6V 3A1 | Canada

Contact: Angela McKay | p. (866) 526-9955 | Fax: (604) 214-8556 | Email Us | Visit Website

Designed exclusively for homebuilders, developers, and real estate sales & marketing agencies, Lasso CRM delivers the tools needed to manage leads, build lasting customer relationships, and convert more prospects to purchasers.

The software captures leads from any source, allowing users to quickly implement sales processes, deliver custom email campaigns, and manage inventory within the same application.

Sales and marketing teams have access to a central, cloud-based database, 24/7, eliminating duplicate and inaccurate data. Powerful reporting allows managers to make informed, timely decisions.

Lasso CRM works for the frontline marketing and sales professionals who engage daily in building relationships with prospects and homebuyers, allowing them to sell more homes. Faster. Easier. More Profitably.



2500 Regency Parkway | Cary, NC  27518

Contact: p. (919) 363-0800 | Email Us | Visit Website

Developed by Real Estate professionals, Focus3 is a sales and marketing platform designed to keep you focused on selling. The Focus3 SalesManager app serves Sales, Marketing, Call Center and administrative needs with a simple and intuitive design to keep you moving prospects through the pipeline.

Focus3's Lead Lifecycle Management is built around the SalesPath™ automation engine, bringing together the sales and marketing effort while nurturing and building contact relationships. With CRM and our Contact Engagement Module, email and print fulfillment, mobile, inventory and more, SaleManager with SalesPath provides a comprehensive and simple solution in one place.

Focus3 was originally designed and developing in 2001 by Real Estate Developers, Sales, and Marketing professionals. One of the first web based solutions, Focus3 has become one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Resources for Developers Home  |  CRM Real Estate Software - 6 Entries