Five Outdoor Activities to Enjoy This Spring

Five Outdoor Activities to Enjoy This Spring

With spring quickly approaching, you will soon be able to enjoy all of the activities and recreation of the great outdoors. You may even be able to find many of these activities within your own community. Here are five ways to get outdoors and be active this spring.

1. Hiking & Biking Trails

If you’ve been cooped up all winter in the fitness center, hit the trails for some exercise and sightseeing. Whether paved walking paths or mountain nature trails, hiking and cycling are great ways to explore the area and stay in shape.

2. Kayaking & Canoeing

It may still be too cold to take a swim, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid all water activity. Not only are kayaking and canoeing great cardio and strength training exercises, many also consider them therapeutic to the mind and soul.

3. Gardening

One of the first things to come to mind when thinking about spring is the return of flowers and lush greenery. Many communities have community gardens that allow residents to grow their own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. You can even turn it into a social activity by joining a gardening club.

4. Fishing

Fishing is a fun and relaxing activity to enjoy alone or with friends, and spring is said to be one of the best times of year for bass fishing. Take a weekend fishing trip or cast a line in nearby lakes, creeks, and streams.

5. Take Your Dog to the Park

You’re not the only one that’s been itching to spend more time outdoors! Take your four-legged friend to a dog park for some exercise and canine interaction. This is a great way for you to meet new friends as well.

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