Why Delaware?

When people think about entering into their golden years, a move to Florida might come to mind. Surely, people still get excited by monotonous rows of palm trees, oppressive summer humidity, and alligators in the pool. But not everyone wants to migrate so far south. Nowadays, mature adults realize they have more options when it comes to planning for their future.  So put the mosquito nets and sunscreen down – a life of fun and fulfillment is closer than you think!

Central Delaware has been making a name for itself as one of the best places to retire for years. Why? Because it’s unpretentious. It’s affordable. And it’s convenient.  


Delaware is not a flashy state. Instead, it is laidback and down to earth, as are its people. Why does this matter? According to research, this kind of atmosphere lends itself to a healthy lifestyle and reduced stress. Many residents of Delaware own their own homes in a suburban setting with easy access to restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. With a low crime rate, opportunities at continued education and volunteerism, Dover is just the place to kick back and relax, no pomp needed. Nobles Pond residents make the most of an easygoing life by staying active, engaged and most importantly having fun! 


Two words: Tax relief. If you are coming from states like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Maryland or Pennsylvania – you know the tax burdens, especially for retirees, are almost unbearable. Delaware offers low real estate taxes, no sales tax, and up to $12,500 of tax exempt retirement income. There are no personal property taxes. And there are no inheritance or estate taxes.  At Nobles Pond, real estate taxes, including school taxes, are estimated between $1,500 and $2,000 per year. This is a dramatic savings over neighboring states. Just ask residents who relocated!


In the heart of Delaware and Delmarva, rests Dover, a city flourishing with local entertainment, cultural events, volunteer opportunities, top-notch medical facilities, booming businesses, and agricultural festivals. For those of you still clinging to that bottle of sunscreen, don’t worry – some of the best Atlantic coast beaches, like Dewey, Rehoboth, and Bethany are less than an hour away! Dover’s central location is in close proximity to New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC, allowing for easy travel. If you are lucky enough to call Noble’s Pond your home, our lifestyle director puts together regular day trips (and long excursions as well) for special events, like last month’s Philadelphia Flower Show and this month’s Parade of Nations in Northern Virginia. Outside of on-campus activities and group travel, residents enjoy a plethora of things to do in Dover each month! The best part is, you don’t have to switch time zones to enjoy such convenience! 

Moving south is for the birds! It’s time to rethink retirement. It’s time to rethink Delaware. And it’s time to visit Nobel’s Pond in Dover!

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