Salem, SC (August 17, 2018) - Leading a nationwide trend in community concern for habitat loss, Keowee Key has been officially designated an NWF Community Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). Keowee Key is the 112th community in the country and the 5th community in South Carolina to receive this honor.  A Community Wildlife Habitat project creates multiple habitat areas in backyards, schoolyards, corporate properties, community gardens, parkland and other spaces.

NWF commends the dedicated residents of Keowee Key and the Lake and Hills Garden Club team for their wildlife conservation efforts and for coming together for a common purpose - to create a community where people and wildlife can flourish.  At a time when communities are faced with the problems of losing habitat to development, Keowee Key stands out as a model for other communities to emulate.  

Keowee Key certified 88 individual - owned properties and 4 common areas to complete the required points for certification.

 "We are so proud to be the only certified community in the Upstate of South Carolina!  This award shows the dedication of individuals in our community to conservation and preservation of their natural surroundings," said Alice Guzick, Keowee Key Garden Club and community property owner. 

A Community Wildlife Habitat benefits the entire community of plants, wildlife, and people through the creation of sustainable landscapes that require little or no pesticides, fertilizers, and excess watering. These landscapes help keep water and air resources clean. They are healthier for people and the environment, and they are less resource-dependent than conventional landscapes. Habitat landscapes can serve to beautify our urban areas and give residents pride in their neighborhoods. 

If you would like to certify your backyard as a wildlife habitat, please go to: 

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