Jasper, GA (June 11, 2012) - Even as America works its way out of economic doldrums, Big Canoe homes continue to sell. The 8,000-acre community located in the Appalachian foothills an hour north of Atlanta is a model of stability in a topsy-turvy market.

"The maturity of Big Canoe is a big plus," says Bill Byrne, Managing Partner of Big Canoe Company, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary as the community's developer. "It's real. You're not going into some artificially built environment that maybe will mature into something nice, or maybe not. Big Canoe is like its own established small town."

For those and myriad other reasons, the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association last year bestowed its most prestigious award - Community of the Year - on Big Canoe.

The gated community's new homeowners are attracted to its firm financial footing: Big Canoe carries zero debt and the Property Owners Association has more than enough funds to maintain its impeccable infrastructure and wealth of amenities. "A lot of communities borrow heavily to build attractive lifestyle facilities based on the idea that more and more people will purchase and that will cover the debt," Byrne explains, "When sales falter, the debt still has to be paid. Fortunately, Big Canoe doesn't have to worry about getting into that kind of trouble."

Life in Big Canoe is active, healthy, and engulfed in natural beauty. Twenty-two miles of walking trails wind through 2,000 acres of usable green space. Homes are integrated into the undulating hills rather than carved into cookie-cutter lots. You can hear the breeze rustling through the trees, smell the invigorating mountain air.

Residents and visitors indulge in countless pastimes at Big Canoe, be it fishing and boating on the lakes, golfing on the championship courses, working out in the state-of-the-art fitness facility, using the tennis facilities and swim clubs, dining at the Clubhouse at Lake Sconti or joining one of the existing 50 clubs and organizations.

A major reason why new buyers continue to choose Big Canoe is ... choice. Prospective purchasers can acquire a lot on which to build that dream home (most neighborhoods have no time frames to build), or purchase a home, with prices ranging from as low as $200,000 to more than $3 million.

Big Canoe Company is currently building in three neighborhoods - Twin Creeks, Choctaw Village and Wildcat - which join the array of neighborhoods already completed. Each one has its own theme and flavor. "We think having the variety of neighborhoods is superior to having 8,000 acres of everything that looks the same," Byrne says. Marketing director Ann Young sums it up: "There's always new construction at Big Canoe, and new furnished models to visit."

And there is still more choice to come. Big Canoe has roughly 2,500 existing homes and 800 homesites already sold. The community at sellout will have 4,750 homes. While Big Canoe is established and comfortable, its management has not yielded to complacency. "We're always looking for something new," Young says. To that end, the community has introduced the Village Festival, a vibrant outdoor market held every Saturday form 9 a.m. to noon beginning May 5, open to the public. And, fortuitously, the Southeast's hottest new tourist attraction, Gibbs Gardens, is only 8 minutes from the Big Canoe gates.

As the economy shows promising signs of recovery, prevailing conditions for homebuyers remain ideal. "People are obviously taking advantage of the selection of homes available, and quite frankly, at prices that are most attractive," Byrne says. "For now, interest rates are still at historic lows. At Big Canoe, all those factors are giving people the confidence to consider buying now."

Ann Young invites you to come look Big Canoe over. "You could make a day of it," she says. "Do a little shopping at the Village Festival, and then come to Big Canoe Realty inside the gate and we'll show you around. Or call (770) 893-2733 and make an appointment that fits your schedule."

Article published: Atlanta Magazine, April 2012
Written by: Eric Snider

About Big Canoe
This established and debt-free country club community an hour north of Atlanta encompasses more than 8,000 acres of north Georgia woodlands, meadows, lakes and streams, with golf, tennis, boating, fishing and more than 22 miles of recreational trails. New and resale homes priced from $200,000; Lots from $75,000.

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