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Publication: Precision Marketer
Article: "Case Study - PRIZM Profiling:"
Issue: Fall 2000

OPPORTUNITY - Driving The Right Traffic To The Web Site

Private Communities Registry (PCR), a firm that generates real estate leads for luxury retirement and vacation properties, showcases gated or amenitized communities on its web site, The company wanted to confirm that the substantial amount of media expenditures it was investing to drive traffic to the site was attracting the most profitable prospects.

PCR asked Claritas to conduct a PRIZM analysis to answer two primary questions:

  • Who are the majority of individuals requesting information from the communities showcased on

  • Do they match the most profitable customer profile, defined as financially capable and inclined to make the discretionary purchase of a retirement or vacation property in a planned community?
APPROACH - Analyze To Reveal Visitors

PCR delivered approximately 10,000 web site inquiry records to Claritas for the PRIZM analysis. The records consisted of individuals who had requested information about showcased communities on and had indicated they should be notified whenever similar communities were added to the site. In keeping with the company's privacy policy, PCR stripped out all consumer names and provided Claritas with only street address, city, state, and ZIP code.

By assigning a PRIZM code to each web site inquiry at the block group level, a comprehensive PRIZM profile analysis was generated. The preliminary report listed the number of U.S. households comprising each of the 15 PRIZM social groups and an associated index. This report indicated which social groups had the highest penetration or greatest representation of inquiries.

By linking the highest penetrating social groups to demographic, behavioral and lifestyle data, the web site's predominant segments and their characteristics were revealed. Demographic information included home value, income, education, ethnic makeup, age and occupation. Other attributes analyzed included automobile ownership, travel, retail purchases, television viewership, publication readership and lifestyle preferences.

RESULTS-Justifying Media Expenditures

The PRIZM analysis yielded precise and detailed information about consumers requesting information via the web site. In addition to key socioeconomic indicators such as household income, home value, education and occupation, other behavioral characteristics indicated that the web site inquiries matched the profile of profitable customers.

For example, consumers requesting information via tend to be serious researchers, not Internet surfers. They don't watch much TV but do read a lot, listen to talk radio and contribute to public broadcasting. They rely heavily on yellow page resources and spend far more than average on dry cleaning.

Members of this target market are likely to be married, fall into the 45 to 64 age bracket and have predominantly European ancestry. They are 74 percent more likely to be members of a country club than the general population. Not surprisingly, they enjoy golf, tennis, skiing, sailing and water activities as well as classical and jazz music

Having verified the quality of the inquiries, Private Communities Registry is using the PRIZM Analysis to justify a 20% increase in media spending in 2001.

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