Arizona Information

Arizona Overview:
In the southwestern region of the United States lies the 48th state inducted into the country known as Arizona. Arizona, or the "Grand Canyon State" as it has been nicknamed for being home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is most commonly recognized for its endless miles of natural beauty. Diverse in landscape and culture, Arizona can be perfect for those looking for a ranch style home in the desert or a luxurious penthouse in one of Arizona's upscale, fast-paced metropolitan cites.

Arizona Real Estate:
Arizona has often been considered a prime real estate location for retirement because of its warm summers and mild winters. During the 1960's Del Webb recognized Arizona's potential to be home to the country's many retirees and thus developed Sun City, one of the nation's first retirement communities. Wile many of Arizona's retired residents enjoy their days in one of state's lavish retirement homes, cites like Tucson and Phoenix are becoming increasingly popular with home seekers looking for an upbeat, big-city lifestyle. With fine gourmet dining, ultra-chic spas and hotels and over 300 superb golf courses (some even used in the PGA Tour), Arizona's metropolitan areas are booming. On the other hand, those looking for a quiet mountain getaway can discover the secret that hides behind the verdant pines of the Colorado Plateau. Rich in towering evergreen, the Colorado Plateau offers an intimate location for a second home where one can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and sit back and enjoy the jaw dropping views overlooking the Grand Canyon.

Arizona Weather:
Arizona has a primarily dry climate which offers warm summers and mild winters. Also because of the climate, Arizona is not prone to hurricanes and tornados that can often have damaging effects on other states. The lower desert area of Arizona tends to be warmer. However, the more northern area of state is often much cooler because of the high altitudes of the plateaus. See Arizona temperature charts.

Regions in Arizona:
Arizona has many diverse regions. There is the Arizona Strip, the Canyon Lands, Coconino Plateau, Colorado River, Colorado Plateau, Grand Canyon, Kaibab Plateau, Lower Colorado River Valley, Madrean Sky Islands, Mogollon Plateau, Mogollon Rim, Mojave Desert, Monument Valley, Navajo Nation, Northeast Arizona, Oak Creek Canyon, Phoenix Metropolitan Area, San Francisco Volcanic Field, Sonoran Desert, United States-Mexico border, Verde Valley and the White Mountains.

Arizona Airports:
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Tucson International Airport, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, Yuma International Airport, Prescott Municipal Airport and Flagstaff Pulliam Airport

Arizona Facts:
Arizona's economy once relied on the "Five C's," copper, cotton, cattle, citrus and climate. Arizona still accounts for two-thirds of the nation's copper output. The state's capital is Phoenix, also the state's largest city. Arizona's population is ranked 14th in the U.S.

Arizona Trivia:
The Navajo Nation region of Arizona is the only region in the state that observes daylight savings time change; everywhere else in the state observes Mountain Standard Time. Arizona has had more female governors than any of the country's other states. The state has two nicknames, the "Grand Canyon State" and the "Copper State." Arizona is one of the "Four Corners" states. It shares borders with Nevada, Utah and New Mexico. The Arizona trout can only be found in Arizona.

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