Brooksville,FL (August 7,2013) - The game of golf can be intimidating to beginners and sometimes even to the pros, but that shouldn’t stop you from playing one of the world’s most popular sports. Golf clinics are a great way to learn how to play, brush up on your skills and get some practice time under the supervision of a golf professional. Not sure if a golf clinic is right for you? Jeff McDonald, PGA Professional at Southern Hills Plantation Club, located in Brooksville, Fla., shares his insight on what you should know about a golf clinic.

Q. What is a golf clinic?

A. A golf clinic is group instruction for people who want to learn to play golf or who already play golf and are looking to improve their game. Clinics are usually segmented by skill level such as beginner, intermediate or advanced, but can also be divided into groups by men only, women only or couples. Some are open to golfers of any level. The clinic will typically run for about an hour and should focus on a particular skill or subject matter. The lesson includes instruction, demonstration and practice, with some one-on-one interaction with the golf professional.

Q. What should you consider when registering for a golf clinic?

A. Clinics should either be a continuous lesson plan to learn the game of golf from A to Z, or a series of subjects that build upon each other for a golfer who already plays but wishes to improve. Golfers should ask for a schedule of dates, times and topics and what clubs will be needed for each class.

Q. Do you have to own golf clubs to participate in a clinic?

A. At most courses you don’t. Here at Southern Hills Plantation, we’ll provide Clubs for you to use during the clinic if you don’t have your own. After taking the series of clinics, golfers should be able to decide how committed they are to the game of golf and if they want to purchase clubs. At that point, the golf professional can fit them for clubs and help them to become involved in Club events either as a Member or a guest. With that said, if you do have Clubs, you should bring the ones needed for that day’s lesson since it is best to learn with your own clubs.

Q. What are the benefits of participating in a clinic vs. individual lessons?

A. As a golf professional, I prefer to work one-on-one with a student for an individual lesson. However, clinics are great because they are less expensive and offer a good way for players to determine if golf is something they are interested in playing more. It is also a nice way for beginners to meet other beginners, which gives them new friends to play with at the same level.

Southern Hills Plantation Club offers a variety of golf clinics for members, residents and guests.

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