Reynolds Lake Oconee is pleased to announce the opening of the new off-road driving course, located at the Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds. This exciting new amenity complements the variety of outdoor activities available to Reynolds Members and guests.

The course is tucked between the archery targets and five-stand station at the Sporting Grounds. Behind the wheel of a Land Rover Discovery, drivers follow the natural topography of the land through thickets, over slopes, and around natural obstacles. An experienced guide accompanies each driver, providing advice and encouragement throughout the ride.

The course was designed by world-renowned Land Rover driving expert Bob Burns. Justin Jones, Director of the Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds, was thrilled to have Burns—architect of many off-road courses around the world—join the project.

“Burns was the best designer in the world to build the course,” says Jones. “We wanted to start with a first-rate course along with the highest quality vehicle we could acquire and build on that going forward.”

Burns developed the course with novice to intermediate drivers in mind. By following the native contours of the land, Burns created a course with enough challenge to provide a thrill without loss of control. Burns’ design, coupled with the dexterity and four-wheel drive system of the Land Rover Discovery, allows drivers of all experience levels to enjoy a safe yet exciting navigational experience.

“The course was built to entertain, but not be dangerous,” explains Burns. “There was great natural terrain on the property and we took advantage of that.”

The off-road driving course is the newest of a host of amenities offered at Reynolds. The Sandy Creek Sporting Grounds also features a 20-station sporting clays course, a five-stand shooting range, a sporting clays instructional and games area, an air rifle range and an archery range.

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