Beaufort, SC (October 30, 2019) - The readers of the Beaufort Gazette have spoken, and Dataw Island has been awarded “Best of Beaufort” in five prestigious categories: Best Tennis Facility, Best Tennis Pro, Best Golf Course, Best Golf Pro, and, Best Community/Neighborhood.

The 870-acre private community is located just six miles from historic downtown Beaufort, on its own island; some may say its own little paradise. Residents hail primarily from the Northeast, Midwest, and California, although a number of local South Carolinians also find their way to this unspoiled retreat, whether as residents or through the community’s “Country Club” program. Regardless of origin, one thing members have in common is their love of the Lowcountry. With a love of life exuded through their contributions to and participation in the community, members are attracted to the welcoming feel of the community and are quick to get involved.

“The hospitality, friendliness and kindness that you find here were a big draw,” said one of Dataw Island’s newest residents, Michelle Seal. “You really don’t get that in big cities farther north.” Having grown up and spent time in Alabama and Tennessee before settling in the DC area, Seal said she didn’t want her college-aged kids to miss that experience.

“We really wanted to be in a small town, near the water but without too much traffic,” she explained. “Although my husband, Brian, was against moving somewhere that we didn’t have much experience with, we both fell in love with the place the first time we visited.”

And for the Seals, that was just this Memorial Day weekend. They stayed at City Loft, explored the waters by kayak and toured numerous Beaufort communities with a Realtor. “We could have moved anywhere in the world and had even considered overseas. But the minute we drove over the causeway onto Dataw Island, it immediately felt like home. Then we met a few residents, as we were sold.”

Like the Seals, it is common to hear members of Dataw Island boast about how easy it is to meet people and how friendly it is. The club’s professional sports staff aid in this transition as well, helping newcomers meet others to play with and hosting numerous “beginner” events to help those who are new to the games get their feet wet.

Also lauded by the readers of the readers of Beaufort Gazette, “Best of Beaufort Golf Pro” Dave Britton enjoys meeting new members and building long-lasting relationships. Throughout his 23-year tenure at the Club, he has seen many trends come and go, but says that authenticity is what stands the test of time. “If you are good to people, and take the time to truly help them, they will remember that; it sticks with them. And it seems to rub off – I can’t tell you how many members first came here saying ‘I’m not a golfer’ but then got plugged in with one of our more social groups, like the Ladies 9-Hole Group and realize how fun and social a sport it really is.”

“Best of Beaufort Tennis Pro” Warren Florence has a remarkably similar approach. “It’s all about fun here at the Dataw Tennis Center. Sure, we have some fantastic players who enjoy very competitive matches, but at the end of the day, we’re all here to enjoy life and have a little fun.”

It seems these two Pros may have cracked the code for success; their contributions combined with those of the 1600+ members, Dataw Island also earned the title of “Best Community.”

“This honor is the perfect completion to a fantastic year,” says GM Ted Bartlett. “Earlier this year we received the honor of being named the ‘Club of the Year’ by the SC Golf Association, as well as ‘Top Community to Follow Your Passion – Charitable Giving’ by Golf Home Network, and, from ideal-LIVING, ‘Best Golf Community.’ It is truly humbling, and we owe all the ‘Thanks’ to our fantastic members and great staff for making Dataw Island a great place to live and play.” 

Interested in joining Dataw Island or looking for a unique gift idea? Just in time for the holidays, Dataw Island has introduced Gift Membership options! Please call the Membership office at (843)838-8261 for more information. 


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