Brevard, NC (May 20, 2019) – The Connestee Falls Property Owners Association (CFPOA) has announced an agreement with Comporium Communications to extend broad band high-speed internet connectivity to all homes with the 3,800-acre master planned community.

CFPOA has been in negotiations with Comporium for the deal over several months to expand its fiber optic network within the community. The agreement required a vote of the property owners in order to approve the major capital investment required.

“We are so pleased our property owners embraced the vision to make Connestee Falls one of the best state-of-the-art connected communities in Western North Carolina,” said Jim Whitmore, CFPOA General Manager. “The vote passed with overwhelming support and will provide our current and future residents with the best internet connectivity possible.”

According to Whitmore, Comporium will undertake a major construction project, commencing this year, to install the fiber optic cable system throughout all areas of Connestee Falls. The system will be fully operational by the end of 2020.

“It will be a fiber to the home infrastructure with a base speed of 200 mbps and premium options to receive up to 1 gbps,” said Whitmore.  “So now the entire community will have access to broad band and the backbone will be in place for the future as internet connectivity and services continue to evolve.” 

Comporium, the cable provider throughout Transylvania County, currently has its network in part of Connestee Falls. However, about 500 homes and unimproved lots do not have access. This expansion creates total penetration for the service to all current and future homes. 

“Connectivity is a prerequisite in the digital age and residents at every stage of life want the best access possible in their homes. This has been a challenge for many mountain communities where terrane and other logistics make it difficult and expensive to deliver,” said Whitmore. “This is a major milestone for our community and culminates the first part of a connectivity initiative to make Connestee Falls the very best connected community in the region. We are also working to improve cell phone coverage within Connestee Falls and negotiations are underway to add a low impact cell tower here to expand and improve cell service within the community.”

Connestee Falls is a gated casual mountain club community established in 1971 and owned and operated by its residents. It encompasses approximately 3,800 acres with half the land set aside in conservation and nature areas. There are extensive recreational amenities including four stocked lakes, semi-private championship golf course, a 26,000 square foot clubhouse, parks, tennis, pickleball and aquatic centers and over 14 miles of private hiking trails. 

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