Aiken, SC (April 17, 2018) - Earth Day is upon us, and as a community who is recognized for and committed to nature preservation, Woodside is here with tips on how you can reduce your carbon footprint simply by enjoying and embracing the outdoors. Read on to learn more about Woodside’s dedication to this cause, and what you can do to incorporate pieces of that lifestyle to help you reduce your carbon footprint today.

Woodside is set apart from other master-planned communities by the way in which it appreciates its naturally beautiful setting. From the bright green meadows and rolling hills that you see when you first enter the community, to the mirrored ponds you’ll see on an evening walk, Woodside is synonymous with nature. Because its setting adjacent to a protected nature reserve is a defining piece of the community’s identity, it boasts a longstanding tradition of and commitment to nature conservation that Woodside residents have adopted as well. From groups like the South Carolina Bluebird Society, who build and maintain bluebird trails and nest boxes, to the Woodside Trail Group, who organizes hikes and work parties to keep the Woodside trails maintained and enjoyable for hikers of all ages, Woodside residents are setting an example that we could all benefit from emulating this Earth Day. Check out five ways Woodside residents are enjoying healthy, active lifestyles while reducing their carbon footprint below!

1. Take a Hike
Woodside offers more than 15 miles of walking and nature trails, and the Woodside Trail Group now boasts more than 120 members as a result. They’ve got the right idea this Earth Day: leave the car in the garage, find a local trail, and see your surroundings from a new point of view.

2. Grab a Bike
If you prefer enjoying the outdoors at a faster pace, grab a bike! Like the Woodside Biking Club, who head outdoors to enjoy this hobby in a social environment, you can get your heart rate up and explore your natural surroundings, without filling up your gas tank.

3. Play a Round of Golf
Woodside, who is only 25 miles from Augusta National in the center of some of the nation’s best golf, offers four championship courses of its own perfect for any skill level. Whether you’ve been playing for years or would like to learn, there are clubs and social groups you can join for a round. Bonus points for walking the course and leaving the cart behind!

4. Take Up a New Outdoor Hobby
Woodside, a certified Bluebird Sanctuary, is home to the current South Carolina Bluebird Society President, Mike DeBruhl, and thanks in part to his efforts, now has an active community of individuals participating in monitoring and creating bluebird trails and nestboxes. Whether you join in an organization like this one, join a group like Woodside’s gardening club, or spend some solo time maintaining a plot in a community garden like the ones available in this community, any time spent outdoors contributing to the environment is time well spent this Earth Day.

5. Enjoy Water Activities
Lakes and ponds are perfect for spending more time outdoors, and less time in your car. At Woodside, you can grab a fishing pole for a relaxing morning on the water, or pull out a canoe, paddleboard or kayak for a more active approach to enjoying your natural surroundings.

Woodside has earned a reputation for its commitment to nature, and they’re inviting you along to see just how they put that promise into action. Visit the Woodside website to watch along as they develop their newest neighborhood, and maintain its pristine, wooded setting in the process.

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