The Golf Performance and Development Center allows members to assess their swing, monitor progress, and receive customized recommendations for improvement. Key features include neurofeedback, golf fitness, launch monitor technology, and custom club and ball fitting.

Kiawah Island, SC (July 21, 2017) - Kiawah Island (S.C.) Club recently added a new amenity for members: The Golf Performance and Development Center, Forbes reported.

The Kiawah Island Club says it is always looking for ways to improve add value for club members, whether it’s the addition of a new beach club (coming soon) or the Golf Performance and Development Center. Over 65% of homeowners who have purchased in the last five years are golfers, with many considering themselves avid players, which helped lead the decision making on this project, Forbes reported.

Exclusively available to club members and their guests, this digital practice range, and the pros who staff it, will assess your swing, monitor your progress and provide customized recommendations to improve your game. There’s also an on-site fitness center so you can complete workouts tailored to target specific muscles you need to strengthen to see progress on the course, Forbes reported.

“We think we have the finest training center in the country,” said PGA Cassique Head Golf Professional Dylan Thew. “When we first presented our plans [to ownership], we shot for the moon, and in the end we got everything we wanted.”

There wasn’t a single thing suggested by himself or any of the other golf professionals on site that wasn’t included in the final project, Thew said.

Key features include:

Neurofeedback: FocusBand technology provides audio-visual neurofeedback that can help master the mental side of the game by improving focus.

Golf Fitness: Utilizing the Titleist Performance Institute screen, an assessment is made that includes swing mechanics and biomechanics, physical fitness, movement quality and current health. Taking into account a golfer’s history, a unique fitness plan is created for that individual, which can then be implemented in the golf-specific fitness room on-site that’s overseen by the Director of Golf Fitness.

Launch Monitor Technology: Two state-of-the-art monitors can measure ball flight and club data from 6-yard pitches to over 300-yard drives. The ForeSight GCQuad uses four high-speed, high-resolution cameras to capture ball and club data at impact. The TrackMan 4 uses doppler radar technology to capture swing data and display a 3D trajectory of each shot in real time.

SAM PuttLab: Analyzing the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke, the SAM PuttLab allows golfers to understand their individual strengths and weaknesses for more efficient training.

Biomechanical 3D Analysis: Using MySwing (which creates a 3D rendering of a golfer’s swing much like an MRI captures your body), K-Vest (a wearable system that tracks biomechanical data) and a BodiTrack Pressure Mat (which records balance distribution), every aspect of a golfer’s swing and body mechanics can be recorded and analyzed to improve their game.

Members can also get custom club and ball fitting inside the Golf Performance and Development Center. “There’s no aspect of their game we’ve overlooked,” said Thew.

Kiawah’s first private course, the River Course, opened in 1995 and was designed by Tom Fazio. A par 72 laid out over 7,039 yard, The River Course is designed in a series of clusters surrounding Bass Pond and the Kiawah River. In 2000, five-time British Open champion Tom Watson designed the par 72 Cassique course with a 6,960-yard layout, Forbes reported.

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