Grantham, NH (March 10, 2016) - Eastman Community Association has been selected as a winner of the 2016 MetLife Foundation/Generations United Best Intergenerational Communities Award.

“I’m so proud of this community,” said General Manager Ken Ryder. “This distinction came to us through the hard work of volunteers and staff, not only on the application, but in what we do here every day: work together to make Eastman a wonderful place to call home.”

Eastman Member Carol Greenfield knew that this award was an excellent fit for Eastman when she heard about it. Carol spent countless hours in collaboration with fellow volunteer John Larrabee, Chief Community Living Officer Leslie Moses and Social Programming Director Charlie Taber with input from other volunteers to craft the application. “It was truly my pleasure to help profile this great community with such wonderful people of all ages. Having been part of Eastman for more than 30 years, I was surprised at how much more I learned about what makes this such a special place.”

Emily Patrick, project manager for Generations United, sent Carol an email last week announcing the award. “The judges were very impressed with how much is going on in such a small community, and there is clear intention about embracing intergenerational strategies,” she wrote.

Eastman is the first community association to receive this award. You can use this link to view the application.

Also selected as a 2016 Best Intergenerational Community is the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the 2016 National Finalist is the City of Coral Springs, Florida. “(These) are places that folks of all ages proudly call home because they recognize the benefits of intergenerational programs, practices, policies and services,” GU wrote in its announcement of the award.

In Eastman’s Plan 2020, adopted in 2012, clearly states the community’s Vision:
Eastman is a sustainable, intergenerational, recreational community that offers an active, four-season lifestyle.

The bulk of Plan 2020 outlines goals and strategies for three main areas of focus: Community Living, Environmental Vitality and Economic Viability.

The first two goals in Community Living are:
1. Offer quality, year-round programs and resources for all age groups in the community
2. Develop opportunities for intergenerational activities and programs
View the entire Plan 2020

The first goal is evident in the Summer Youth Programs, the trips organized for adults and families, and the revision of the fitness center use policy to allow usage by youth ages 15-17. The second goal can be seen in the photos in this post as well as in the teen operation Peppermint Patty’s snack shack each summer with help of adult mentors, adult gardeners working with the Kid City camp program, and the work of the Youth Conservation Corps and their mentors throughout Eastman.

Eastman will be recognized in an award ceremony in Washington, DC on April 19.

About Eastman
This four-season community located two hours from Boston offers golf, tennis, a Nordic ski center and other family-friendly amenities on 3,700 scenic acres in New Hampshire’s Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee region. Lots priced from $11,500 to $129,000; Single-Family Homes from $127,000 to $699,000; Condos from $115,000 to $250,000.

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