Palm City, FL (February 24, 2014) - Harbour Ridge Yacht & Country Club in Palm City, FL takes golf, tennis, fishing and all its sports very seriously. Friday, February 28, is the date of the 3rd Annual Tennis & Golf Challenge.

Tennis matches are scheduled for the morning and are followed by a 9 hole golf tournament in the afternoon. A friendly social format gives everyone a chance to win! Plans for the annual 2-day spring fishing contest are underway. The tournament categories include deep sea Atlantic Ocean fishing, St. Lucie River fishing, and fishing in the various inland lakes and ponds at Harbour Ridge.

AND for man’s best friends, there is the 4th Annual Lure Run at the Harbour Ridge Dog Park. This is great exercise for our dogs and lots of fun to watch. Harbour Ridge is home to over 150 dogs – all breeds and sizes are welcome.

To visit on a Discovery Tour Package, call HR Properties: (800) 330-1263, (772) 221-8988.

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