Brentwood, CA (Oct. 14, 2013) - For those who’ve felt like they’ve been on the never-ending hunt for their dream home, Trilogy by Shea Homes has developed the ideal combination of features and design that’s captivating home buyers across the country – SheaXero – The No Electric Bill Home™.

SheaXero employs 14 energy-efficient features and a large solar power system designed to create a net-zero home. That means your Trilogy or Shea home produces as much energy as it uses, based on an average household of two.

With a chance to spend $0 on your monthly electricity bill, the question becomes: How can you afford NOT to live in a SheaXero Home? Never before have the benefits of owning a net-zero home been so advantageous for today’s home buyers.

The 8 Benefits of SheaXero:

1.) Eliminates monthly electric bills, freeing you from the worry of escalating or seasonal energy costs.
2.) Saves you up to $3,000 a year.
3.) Provides energy-efficient appliances as a standard in your new SheaXero home.
4.) Is included in the base price of your home (or as a optional upgrade in select communities) at no extra cost.
5.) Enhances property value on your home.
6.) Offers a healthier, greener home environment.
7.) Allows you to have a lower carbon footprint without having to change your lifestyle.
8.) Gives you the flexibility to spend your money on the things that really matter in life, like vacations, travel and more.

Trilogy and Shea Homes believe in helping residents live The Good Life™. Whether you want to use the money saved with SheaXero to getting that handbag you’ve been dreaming about, flying your grandchildren out to visit you each year, or finally taking that exotic trip to Bora Bora, SheaXero gets you closer to making your dream a reality by putting money back in your pocket.

Here’s what Trilogy homeowners are saying about the benefits of SheaXero:

“Trilogy is ahead of the curve with their SheaXero homes. They had the three things that were important to us: low cost, environmental responsibility and social responsibility.” ~ Glenn and Sherill Erdell, Trilogy at Vistancia in Arizona

“SheaXero sold us!” ~ Mike and Jean Lissow, Encanterra Country Club in Arizona

“When I heard about the SheaXero program, I was astonished that it came with the home. Right now I am paying roughly $450 each month during the summer to cool my home. Knowing that my electric bill will be dropped to almost zero when I move into a SheaXero home was a no-brainer for me.”~ Janet Selover, Shea Homes at Ardiente in Nevada

“We were ecstatic about having a green home. That, and having solar, were important to us. We knew this was the type of lifestyle that we wanted to commit to. We wanted to live green, so that was the determining factor for us.” ~ Barbara Kurowski, Trilogy Orlando in Florida

We greatly appreciate utilizing energy from the Sun to power our homes. We appreciate Shea taking the lead to conserve our earth’s energy. A zero electric bill defers other energy costs consumers must pay.” ~ Nick and Doris Nickelson, Trilogy at Monarch Dunes in California

“Bye-bye electric bill! We thought the Trilogy model homes were stunning. The floor plans suited our lifestyle perfectly… We were hooked. Bruce and I were intrigued by the possibility of kissing our electric bill good-bye forever, by owning a SheaXero™ home. No electric bill? Seriously? In toasty Arizona where the AC runs most of the year? We needed to learn more. Our sales rep shared detailed information about SheaXero™ and the no electric bill home features. Everything made perfect financial sense to us. It also fulfilled our desire to purchase an “ecofriendly” energy-efficient home for our retirement years.” ~ Kathy Muszynski, Trilogy at Vistancia in Arizona

SheaXero has been a deciding factor for over 1,000 homebuyers across the country who have moved into the new, SheaXero – No Electric Bill Home. Collectively, these SheaXero homeowners will save over $18 million over the next decade. As you begin to plan for your retirement years, consider how much SheaXero can give you financial freedom and forever enhance your lifestyle.

Want to learn more about the benefits of SheaXero’s energy-efficient features? Click here to see the 14 SheaXero features. And learn more about SheaXero reviews on the Trilogy Life Blog.

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