Richmond Hill, GA (March 7, 2012) – The benefits of gardening have been known for generations, but the perfect soil to grow a garden became evident as Americans looked to cut expenses and spend more quality time together.

The advantages of gardening are multiple. According to a national quantitative study done by the American Community Garden Association, gardening:

  • Improves the quality of life for people in the garden
  • Provides a catalyst for neighborhood development
  • Stimulates real social interaction in a world where many live on a personal computer
  • Encourages self-reliance
  • Beautifies neighborhoods
  • Produces nutritious food
  • Reduces family food budgets
  • Conserves resources
  • Creates opportunity for recreation, exercise, therapy and education
  • Preserves green space
  • Provides opportunities for intergenerational and cross-cultural connections

  • These principles directly align with WaterWays Township’s vision to create a community that values exploration, time with family and friends, and amenities that provide the backdrop for memories to be made. Thus, the developers researched, created, and built the Community Garden within Ridgewood Park’s Central Park.

    “According to the Urban Land Institute, 38 percent of U.S. households – that’s 41 million people, grew a garden in 2011,” said Vance Askew – director, sales and marketing for WaterWays Township. “The research says many people did this because they enjoyed the activity, the results of their efforts, and the ability to share the fruits of their labor with neighbors. Our 72 garden plots will be a catalyst to empower all our residents to get outside where they can tend and harvest their own fresh food, flowers and herbs. It’s such a wonderful opportunity for them to experience the satisfaction of gardening , while simultaneously getting exercise, enjoying fresh air and celebrating the tangible benefits of the harvest.”

    The RidgeWood Park neighborhood at WaterWays Township encircles the Central Park and the Community Garden. The garden was created on a two-acre parcel with each plot containing approximately 100 square feet of soil specifically prepared for gardening activities.It is surrounded by ancient oaks, mature pines, and other native vegetation as well as a grassed area for active recreation with the family. With its convenient location, Ridgewood Central Park was the perfect place to develop a community garden for the residents of WaterWays Township.

    To read more about community gardening, visit the Urban Land Institute’s website via:

    Photo: Resident Susan Hall and her sister, working in Ms. Hall’s plot at the Community Garden.

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