Free Stay in Paradise - 4 Glorious Days and 3 Nights!

Includes a luxury villa, meals, and reimbursement of airfare for two up to $1,250. Requires $1,000 lot reservation. Applied to purchase price if you buy. Complete the form below and one of our representatives will also contact you.

Disclaimers, qualifying terms & other important information
You can cancel your lot reservation at any time and your lot reservation deposit of $1,000 will be refunded in full. However, if you have us hold your lot and you elect not to purchase the lot after you have visited the property via our “free stay” offer, the lot reservation fee is then non-refundable. Once you put your reservation fee down we remove that asset out of our inventory for up to 6 months. This lot reservation guarantees today’s lowest list purchase price for up to 6 months, or until you view the lotin person during your free discovery tour for two, which is valued at over $4,600. However, at anytime within those 6 months should you change your mind and decide not to take a tour of the lot you have reserved, your $1,000 will be refunded to you in full and your lot will be put back into the market. If you decide to purchase the lot you have reserved, the $1,000 reservation fee will be credited towards your purchase price.