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Survey Shows Baby Boomers Willing to Spend More on Homes

Survey Shows Baby Boomers Willing to Spend More on Homes

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baby-boomer-price-range-chartIn 2017, asked homebuyers who visited the research portal during the past 24 months about their plans to purchase a home within a master-planned community. Results show baby boomers are willing to spend more on homes than reported in 2014.

Topics shoppers weighed in on include: purchase history, intention of buying, urgency to purchase, price point, plans for home usage, desired community amenities, and if they visited a master-planned community before buying. Key findings include:

  • 74% indicate price points from a quarter of a million dollars and higher – an increase of almost 10% compared to 2014’s survey results.
  • 79% plan to buy a home within a master-planned community.
  • 75% plan to buy a home in a master-planned community within one to two years.
  • 84% are looking for a primary residence within a master-planned community.
  • Respondents mostly desire fitness-related amenities; fitness centers, walking and biking trails, and swimming pools were the top three requested amenities.
  • According to data from Claritas PRIZM demographic segmentation, the majority of survey respondents are baby boomers among the most affluent social groups in the United States.

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