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Average Bounce Rate for Communities is 40%
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Average Bounce Rate for Communities is 40%

Average Bounce Rate for Communities is 40%

Recently, Whit Hazelton – SEO/SEM Manager at examined dozens of master-planned community websites and observed monthly bounce rates ranging from 29 percent to 58 percent. A typical master-planned community has a Bounce Rate trending close to 40 percent.

Bounce Rate reflects the percentage of visitors who visited just ONE page on your community website before leaving your website completely. It makes no difference if they bounce away fast or remain on a page for 20 minutes.

bounce rate chart

A low bounce rate indicates good user engagement. So when your website is promoted in media with an audience hungry for information about master-planned communities, you’ll have low bounce rates because visitors are engaged and clicking around your website. The same goes for successful Google Adwords and social media campaigns.

Congrats if your community website has a low bounce rate – but take it one step further and look at your “referral traffic” in Google Analytics. Referral traffic shows where your click-through visitors come from. When you know where they come from, you’ll know if they are likely prospects for your community.

Or not.

For example, Mr. Hazelton examined one luxury community that had significant referral traffic with impressively low bounce rates (25% & 31%) from TheKnot and WeddingWire – and, let me tell you, those brides were highly engaged with that community website! But they were the least likely prospects for a second home.

Pay attention to your Bounce Rate, overlaid with Referral Traffic, because it gives you a pretty good indication if marketing efforts are reaching your target audience.



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