Brooksville,FL (August 7,2013) - Everyone has heard of energy “hacks,” or simple ways to reduce your energy bill at home by implementing small changes around the house. Some of these tips are more effective than others, some require a little more effort than others and some are actually more costly than you might think. GreenPointe Homes at Southern Hills Plantation Club in Brooksville, Fla. has come up with a “hack” for all of the hacks. Their Intelligent Green program, which is included in every home they build, does all the hard work for you. So you can enjoy an energy efficient home and lower energy costs without wasting any energy of your own. Want to know how? Here are some popular hacks, and how GreenPointe Homes has made it easy for you to be energy efficient without lifting a finger.

  • Close off vents and registers in rooms that aren’t used as frequently
    Radiant Barrier Sheathing installed in the attic lowers attic temperatures and reduces strain on air conditioning equipment, so your system runs more efficiently and there’s no need to hunt for a stool to open the vent when grandma comes to visit.

  • Turn your thermostat up or down when you leave your home
    A programmable thermostat saves energy (and time) by allowing multiple time and temperature settings, so you can set it and forget it!

  • Close the blinds in your windows to help keep heat in or out
    Low-E Windows, designed specifically for the geographical area in which the home is built keep heat in during winter and cool in during summer so you can enjoy the view no matter the weather.

  • Have your attic sealed or checked regularly for air leaks
    Advanced framing techniques result in tighter construction and reduce thermal bridging, which allows greater benefits from properly installed insulation. Because who really wants to spend more time than necessary in the attic?

  • Invest in an air purifier to help minimize air pollution
    Enhanced inside air filtration systems feature HVAC filters with a minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of six or greater, and there’s no unsightly and expensive appliance hanging around your living room.

  • Install ceiling fans to keep air circulating throughout the home
    Air Pressure Balancing, commonly known as pressure relief, provides balanced pressure from room to room resulting in better circulation of air and more even temperatures throughout the home. We won’t blame you if you still want to keep the ceiling fans, though.

  • Seal your doors to help keep the heat and cold out
    Insulated entry and garage doors prevent high and low temperatures from infiltrating the home. Think of these doors as the bouncers to your home.

  • Install a timer on your water heater to help reduce your heating costs
    Energy efficient appliances including quick-recovery hot water heaters help to reduce energy costs. And sometimes you just really need a long, hot shower.

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