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Publication: Bowden's Market Barometer
Article: "Thinking Outside the Box - A Third Home, LLC"
Issue: January 10, 2010

Lil Miller-Fox, co-founder of, the highly successful internet portal that serves both developers and consumers by showcasing private communities throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean, recently announced a strategic partnership with Atlanta, GA-based A Third Home, LLC. 3rd Home is a fully automated full-ownership, second-home exchange program conceived and founded by Wade Shealy, a prominent leader in resort real estate sales, marketing and development. The goal of 3rd Home is to create and implement a luxury second home exchange program that meets the highest industry standards with a portfolio of properties located in some of the most desirable resorts and private destinations in the world.

A membership in 3rd Home assists second homeowners in leveraging the value of their property by turning a “static asset into a gateway to the world.” Most second homeowners use their property less than 30 days per year. The 3rd Home program was created to fill a need expressed by second homeowners to expand the use of their property without the hassle typically associated with the rental process. A 3rd Home membership provides a cost- and time-efficient method to achieve that goal while providing members with luxury vacation opportunities. Members simply go online, browse, click and reserve their vacation at premier properties in a variety of locations around the world. The interactive site allows members to set alerts and connect with other members to plan their respective getaways.

Similar to a points-based exchange program, 3rd Home’s Key Program automatically debits and credits “keys” to and from member accounts with each exchange. Members accumulate keys by hosting other members and the number of keys per property is based on the estimated value of the home. For instance, a home valued at $1.0 million or less represents one key, while a home valued at $4.0 million represents four keys. The keys become the “currency” that is used to “purchase” vacation property access.

Launched in December 2009, the 3rd Home program currently has 140 member properties in its growing portfolio. A two-year membership requires a relatively modest $495 membership fee, and a charge of $250 is assessed upon each exchange. Miller-Fox advises that 3rd Home is now offering branded Affliliate positions to resort property specialists in key markets. Affiliates earn 30% commission on enrollment fees while providing an appreciable benefit for their clients. In addition, for the first 90 days, Affiliates will earn one key for every ten memberships sold resulting in the opportunity to vacation in a private home and experience the program first-hand. The 3rd Home program provides substantial marketing support, and for those Affiliates that do not wish to be involved in the sales process at all, all inquiries and follow-up can be administered by 3rd Home staff. With a popular 6 out of 10 Google Rank, Private Communities Registry® is a fitting complement to the 3rd Home program, enhancing both portals’ capabilities and services for the consumer and the developer.

For more information contact Wade Shealy at (404) 995-4599 ( or Lil Miller-Fox at (772) 234-0434 (


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