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Publication: Links Magazine
Article: "Private Communities"
Issue: November/December, 1999

What's Hot: Discovering golf communities by searching the Web. One Internet search tool that golf and country club buyers are increasingly using is Private Communities Registry. A comprehensive Web site featuring more than 70 retirement communities located throughout the United States and the world, it provides in-depth information on properties and locales with hotlinks directly to the communities' Home Page.

According to company visionaries and co-founders Lil Miller-Fox and Marie Roberts, is now registering 39,000 visitors and 295,000 hits per month. The site represents more than 80,000 acres of prime real estate.

Private Communities Registry first appeared in 1996, when few people believed that the World Wide Web would offer viable business opportunities. The site showcased 10 communities at the time, a number which has since grown more than seven-fold. The site has recently been upgraded and redesigned and now offers two different addresses, or If you don't have Internet access, you can call their offices and request a printed version of the site information.


GETTING THERE: Log onto the Internet, type in the address bar either or

REAL ESTATE: More than 70 golf and country club communities in the U.S. and the world.

AMENITIES: Everything from golf, sailing, water sports and hiking to dining, shopping and more.

FOR INFORMATION: Call 800-875-3072


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